This is the portal to the Pandorian Network, a custom-made group of websites where I publish my creations and ideas.

Here you can find a quick reference for each of Pandorian Network website, alongside information and links for partnerships that forged between me and third parties.


I am pretty sure you know what a blog is, so let's focus on what Pandorian Blog is about.

Some time ago, I used to post about everything in my blog. Funny pics, tech news, my ideas, tutorials and many more.
Soon I realised that I was doing nothing more than spamming and by spamming, unique posts such as development new were buried under posts that you can easily find at Reddit or 9gag.

That's why on Pandorian Blog you will now find only Pandorian Network related news and those of affiliates.

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Pandorian Softworks is where I create and publish the software I create.

By software I mean everything from a simple hack or script, to fully stand-alone software and websites.

In Pandorian Softworks you can find not only my personal projects but also projects I did for third-parties as long as projects developed with others, teams or individuals.

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3rd Party Content

Most of my work is published inside Pandorian Network. However, there are some rare exceptions where I publish content to third party affiliates. Here are the places

All The Geek

AllTheGeek.gr is a small blog mostly about gaming and technology. I am one of the guys that posts there.



Support|4U is the place you can find support about many problems you ecounter as business or individual. I occasionally post tutorials there.



DSG is group of my university students create projects voluntarily with the support of the team. I maintain the site and occasionally write posts there.



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About Pandorian

Hello, my name is John and this is the place where I am telling you how awesome I am and what extraordinary things I have done in my life.

Although I did not accomplished anything extraordinary yet, perhaps you are interested to know that my full name is John Prantalos, I am from Greece where I currently live and attending at the Computer Engineers Departure of University of Applied Sciences of Central Greece. I know, there are so many "of"s in the title, but here in Greece we like big titles.

If you want to learn a bit about the geek in me, I enjoy programming in C and Python and I know pretty well Java, PHP and of course HTML and CSS. Yes yes HTML5 and CSS3 obviously let's not make a big deal about it. I am now learning Ruby and also making my first steps in Artificial Inteligence and Neural Networks to be more specific.

Copyleft 1992 - 2015 John "Pandorian" Prantalos.